An Osage House Christmas Wedding


Crimson napkins on every plate, gold table runners adorning every table, lights strung through evergreen trees. a bouquet of red roses and berries, poinsettias lining the aisle, and a bride and groom more joyful than Saint Nick himself – this was a perfect Osage House Christmas wedding.

And now, a poem because I’m cheesy like that ❤️


Twas the week before Christmas and at Osage House, Jacob was excited he was getting a spouse.

The plates were all set on the tables with care, in prep for the guests that soon would be there.

The gown hung with care in the bridal suite so neat, in anticipation of Rachel and Jacob to meet.

The guests were all dreaming of joyous delight, with visions of unity and a beautiful sight.

The chapel awaited beautiful and bright, with vases of poinsettias and trees filled with light.

Jacob in his tux, Rachel in her gown, excitement and joy – a love to be crowned.

When down in the Hall there arose such a clatter, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were beginning to chatter.

Away from the windows they flew in a flash, no guests could see Rachel until she made her big splash.

The guests all rose as the doors opened wide, Jacob’s heart was swelling as it filled up with pride.

When, who to their anxious eyes should appear, but a bride and her dad who was holding her near.

With a ceremony so joyous, so lively and quick – they were married, they’d done it! The day was no trick.

The family was all smiles, the bridal party cheered. The couple could relax as their love was revered.

“Now, love me, cherish me, in sickness and health, In joy and in sorrow, in poverty or wealth.”

The rings on their fingers, a symbol so grand, United in love, forever to stand.

They entered the party adorned with well wishes. “Let’s all give some cheers to the new Mister and Misses!”

With laughter and joy, the night was complete, A wedding day tale, a memory sweet.

So let’s toast to love, on this joyous night, may your days be filled with pure, endless light.

As the moon softly rises, and the stars twinkle above, here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love.


Did I mention what a perfect Osage House Christmas wedding this was? I’ll be dreaming of this day for a long time. Mostly because of how genuine and joyful Rachel and Jacob were, but also thanks to all of the amazing vendors who came together to make this day happen:

Venue: Osage House

Planning/Coordination: B. Jane Events

Photography: Shipman Photography

Florals: Blush Dahlia 

Hair: Lily and Veil

Makeup: Makeup by Bo Ashley

Dress: Couture Bridal

Suit: She Said Yes

Catering: The Sous Chef

Cakes: Harps

DJ: DJ Ty Walker


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