Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm | A Retro Celebration

When it comes to your big day, there really is no right or wrong way to go about it. As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite things is getting a front-row seat to see each couple’s personality shine through their choice of wedding decor, dress, and even the traditions they hold dear to them. It’s the combination of all those special little touches that make a wedding so memorable for each bride and groom. While Anna and Jacob had already made their commitment to each other official, they hadn’t had the chance to celebrate their love with their friends and family. This wedding at the Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm was a chance to do just that.

This couple had a deep love for music and it was evident in every aspect of the celebration. They brought their passion for music to the forefront of their wedding. Guests were assigned to tables using records as seating charts creating a cool and nostalgic 70’s vibe; a guitar case served as the card drop-off. The officiant wore a colorful tie-dye shirt, while the groom donned a classy bolo tie. Combined with vibrant fall florals, stunning velvet bridesmaid dresses, and some amazing disco balls hanging in the reception hall, it was the perfect evening for this Northwest Arkansas fall wedding.

The Venue: Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm – Goshen, AR

The Stone Chapel provided a fabulous backdrop for this couple’s groovy, fall wedding. Utilizing rich fall tones, including burnt orange, emerald green, plum, and navy, the colors perfectly captured the essence of the Northwest Arkansas autumn season. The deep greens and burnt oranges were especially striking, reflecting the changing foliage in the background. The pop of color from the trees complimented the wedding tones, tying everything together in a harmonious blend of natural beauty and vibrant celebration.

Heartfelt and Intimate

Because Anna and Jacob were already officially married, this wedding day felt much more relaxed. There weren’t any wedding day nerves or jitters, but instead just pure joy and anticipation, eager to celebrate their love with the people that meant the most to them.

Skipping the first look, Anna and Jacob chose to instead have a first “touch.” Standing back to back in the serene Arkansas fall landscape, with hands intertwined, they shared their heartfelt promises to each other. It was such an intimate moment showcasing the deep connection the two share. Their vows were personal and filled with love, and the relaxed atmosphere allowed the couple to focus on what truly mattered – celebrating their love for each other.

A Memorable Moment

The wedding venue has a touch of rustic charm as it is situated on a farm, which made for some special photographs that Anna will forever remember when she looks back at her wedding day. In the midst of taking photos of the bride and her party, Anna noticed some goats fenced-in nearby. She casually made her way over to the goats, gently petting them and even feeding them leaves. It was so natural and made for such a lovely capture of the bride’s sweet personality. 

Anna and Jacob’s groovy fall wedding was a testament to the power of love and the joy of finally celebrating a missed moment with friends and family. It was an evening filled with music, laughter, and heartfelt moments, leaving everyone in attendance with unforgettable memories of this one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony. It was a sweet reminder to myself, as well as I’m sure others, that love is timeless; and it’s never too late to celebrate in style.

Vendors to Thank

Venue: Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm

Coordination: The Wedding Lady NWA

Florals: ZuZu’s Petals and Gifts

HMU: Blossom Beauty AR

DJ: Ozark Mix DJ

Bar: Koons Saloon

Staffing: TNT Staffing

Lighting/Disco Balls: Lightworks Events

Rentals: Eventures

Cake: Harps


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