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I believe in the power of photographs.

I believe that your wedding photos should remind you of the love and laughter from your friends and family that surrounded you, but more importantly I believe that they should remind you of the hope and joy and wonder that you felt towards your spouse and your life together. 

I believe that your family photos should capture more than just your faces. They should should show your personalities, your likes, your memories.

Your photos tell the story of your life and will be passed from generation to generation.

My yearly photo books are a testament to God's goodness and grace. I flip through them every so often and watch as Cory and I grow into the roles that God has for us. I see more than just the good moments - there's financial struggles and health battles - but then they turn into beautiful stepping stones for the next chapters. Being able to look back at all we have overcome is the quickest way to gain our confidence in all that we are still meant to do. Possibly the best part about the photo books is how much Parker loves to look through them. She loves seeing photos of herself as a baby and telling us "stories" about that time. Last year's book has some real memories attached to it for her and it's so fun listening to her remember those days. When she's a bit older we will be able to sit down and tell her all about the trials and accomplishments that the photos express and I am so excited to share these stories with her.

You probably clicked this page because you wanted to know "Why them? Why should I choose Shipman Photography?"

In order to best answer your question, I'm going to tell you why I chose Shipman Photography.

As someone who doesn't have a great memory, pictures are my connection to my past. My mom has hundreds of pictures from my sporting days. Each image brings back a flood of emotions and jokes and hope. I have pictures with my siblings, my cousins, my late grandparents. Every photo holds a memory and no memory is too small.

Now that I'm "grown" (and yes, I use the term loosely and with awe that it might be somewhat true) and have three kids of my own, I am even more affirmed in my beliefs of how valuable photographs are. In an instant I can be mentally transported back to my oldest being a baby. I remember the actual terror, wonder, pride, and responsibility that I felt each time I held her. I can see the tenderness on my mom's face as she held her baby's baby. Two kids later and I can see the transformation and confidence that I have gained in my role as mama. I would still tell you I have no clue what I'm doing, but the photographs are evidence - these children were meant for me and I for them. 

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Make sure the story they tell is the truth.

P.S. Cory chose Shipman Photography because he chose me and has been 1000% supportive since before day 1. He learned to use a camera just so that he could do this job with me (on top of running his own business). If that doesn't speak mountains about him, then just ask me for more details and I'll rave about him for hours.



•Parents of three (soon to be four!) - Parker, Beckett, Finley, and yet-to-be-named Baby Ship #4
•Fur parents of three - Dembe, Kavu, and Aramis
(so yes, our house is complete chaos)
•Former athletes trying to act like we still got it by playing in adult volleyball leagues

I feel like that sums us up pretty well. What could we possibly have time for when you add those three up with running our own businesses? But there's so much more depth and story behind us. I don't think I could explain us any better than I did in this blog post.

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Who are morgan + Cory SHipman?

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