Picturesque Fall Osage House Wedding: Katie and Michael

Fall weddings have a charm all their own, with the golden hues of autumn acting as a backdrop to the wedding, whether the ceremony be inside or outside, you just can’t help but love fall weddings. What made this particular wedding memorable, was the intentional moments the couple made space for. Katie and Michael showcased their love beautifully all throughout their special day, as they celebrated with their friends and family in the Hall + Chapel at Osage House in Northwest Arkansas. 

A Private First Dance

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen many unique moments, memorable traditions, and creative decor, but Katie and Michael did something I had never seen before. Rather than a private last dance at the end of their reception, they chose to do a private first dance, immediately following their first look. This unconventional decision not only allowed for a stunning showcase of the ceremony space in the beautiful afternoon light, but it provided the couple with an intimate moment to spend together before the whirlwind of the day began.

A Ceremony With a Twist

Katie and Micahel’s ceremony was just as unique as their private first dance. Instead of the traditional placement with the officiant at the front, they arranged for the officiant to stand in the aisle. By doing so, the couple could face out towards their friends and family throughout the ceremony, creating an intimate, yet inclusive atmosphere. 

One of my favorite things about this uncommon placement was that the couple requested that my second photographer go behind them to capture the kiss. With this positioning, instead of capturing only the typical front-facing shot, we were able to capture a striking photo that yet again included their guests. This unique perspective added depth and context to the kiss, making it a moment to remember from every angle.

The Surprise Haircut

As a wedding photographer, I truly love getting to know the couples I work with, from their personalities to their style, it’s a special connection that I genuinely enjoy. And while it’s essential to be prepared for every moment of a wedding day, sometimes even we as seasoned professionals are caught off guard – which happened to be the case when I walked into the groom’s suite. 

During Katie and Michael’s engagement session, Michael had shoulder-length curly locks. But, on the wedding day, he had undergone a drastic transformation having cut off all of his hair. It took me a minute to figure out who the groom was, as he was almost unrecognizable at first glance! Though unexpected, it was a delightful change that made for a fun moment for both the couple and myself to laugh about. 

From the private first dance to the unique ceremony arrangements, Katie and Michael’s fall wedding was a jubilant celebration of two incredible people’s commitment to each other, filled with unforgettable moments that will linger in their memories forever.



Ceremony/Reception: Osage House Chapel & Hall

Coordination: Coordinated By Lauren

Photography: Shipman Photography

Videography: Travis Sherman Films

Florals: Blush Dahlia

Bakery: Harps

DJ/Sound: Ozark Mix

Dress: Blush Bridal

Suit: Walker Brothers

HMU: NWA Occasions

Place Settings: Host

Marquee Letters: AlphaLit

Catering: Catering Concepts

Rentals: Alchemy Event Rentals


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