I am Morgan Shipman, and love is my favorite thing. I have been married to my best friend for 9 years and he shows me day in and day out what sacrificial love looks like. If you add a second shooter to any wedding package, you'll get to meet Cory. It's a pretty special deal because we've been photographing weddings together for 8 years and know how to work seamlessly to give you the best coverage possible. He hangs out with the guys, I hang out with the girls, and you get double coverage of all those special moments.

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I specifically chose wedding photography because of the magnitude of the event. I love love. I adore it in every way. The way you don't even realize that you're falling in love until you're already there. The way that being with the person who makes you happiest in life is both the easiest and most challenging thing you'll ever do. The way that every single day is a decision to fight with someone to reach your dreams. The way that love is a promise to your partner that they should never have to feel alone again.

Your wedding is as special and unique as the love you share. I truly don't believe that your wedding has to be perfect to the last detail. I don't believe that it matters if you got just the right shade of table cloth. I don't even think it matters if the weather screws up every plan you had and you have to whim the whole day. What matters is your love and your desire to be together despite anything that could go wrong. 

Don't get me wrong though, I've been a bride, I understand that the details are important. You spent months, maybe years, planning your perfect day. Every single detail deserves to be celebrated and remembered. Chances are though that you won't even have a chance to notice them. All of your planning and hard work goes by without a glimpse as your day rushes past. That's where I come in. I fill in those gaps for you. I capture the napkins with your initials stamped in them, the centerpiece arrangement that perfectly compliments your bouquet, the cake that you were so excited for and didn't even get to really see until you had already cut into it. All of that, and so much more, is up to me, and I love saving it all for you.

But my favorite parts? The look in dad's eye when he sees his baby girl in that white gown. She can't even look at him for fear of crying, but I don't want her to ever forget his pride in that moment. The stolen glimpses of a groom as he stares in awe of the beauty who agreed to be his forever. His silent adoration screams louder than his words ever could. The peace that falls between a bride and groom as they get to step outside for a break from the party. That simple and intimate moment that is the true beginning of the rest of their lives.

Those are the moments I photograph for.

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Morgan was absolutely awesome for both our engagement pictures and on my wedding day. We were in constant contact from the moment we booked her all the way up until the day of. She was organized, professional, extremely patient, and most importantly, gave us the most beautiful pictures to remember our special day
- Cathy Suazo

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Great wedding photos happen because of relationships built long before the wedding day even starts. I want you to know that I am in your corner, rooting for your marriage, from the second that you inquire.  

From assistance with timeline creation to laughing it up on your engagement session to check-ins and tips during the planning process - I'm here for you from the start. 

Packages start at 8 hours of coverage, a fully edited digital gallery for downloading, print rights, and two photographers.

Add ons include an engagement session, bridal session, thick-page books and albums, canvases, and prints.

Your day won't be cookie-cutter and your package doesn't have to be either! If no package seems quite right for you, let's work together to create a custom one.

Packages start at $5200

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There's so much more to weddings than could ever be expressed on a website. So much more to us, so much more to you. If you've scrolled through instagram, read some raving reviews, and browsed through our latest blogs - well the next step is let's meet! We can meet over coffee (or ice cream) and chat about your dream wedding and what it looks like to be a Shipman Photography couple.

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