The cool thing about our story is that it is ever evolving, and personally I don't think even one photo session a year is enough to capture the truth and beauty of our lives. And I know what you're thinking - "Morgan, I can't get my family to cooperate for ONE session, how will I get them to agree to MORE?" That's the best part - these sessions aren't meant for perfection. A subscription package offers your family the freedom to be captured exactly as you are
•Put on jeans and tshirts for a day on the farm.
•Break out the marshmallows for a family bonfire night.
•Laugh and compete at the local bowling alley.
•Pick and carve pumpkins.
•Chop down your Christmas tree.
•Get on the floor and put puzzles together.
If you're going to spend the time and effort to get photos taken so that you can document this time, make a point to remember and celebrate the real moments, too. Sure, we can get photos all dressed up in a field and smiling for the camera. But I guarantee that in 10, 20, 40 years the photos of every day moments where you are actually connecting are the ones that will mean more to you and your family.


Let's capture it all!

who is this for?

Young families
Seasoned families

While I hold the firm belief that photos should be taken often, I respect that we all have our own definition of "often." For this reason, I have a few different subscription options which allow for varying amounts of photo sessions.

No matter which subscription package you choose, at the end of your session allotment you will receive a 10x10 photo book full of your last year's memories.

I love seeing my photos up on clients' walls, but I know how hard it is to choose a photo to print, and how many photos then get covered in digital dust as they sit un-gazed upon on some hard drive somewhere. 

I want more than that for you and your family's memories. A photo book allows you to hold a year in your hand. You can see your memories come to life again like literal stories on the pages. Multiple years of memories can be accessible at your fingertips - from a bookshelf or even on your coffee table. If out of sight is out of mind, I want to help you keep your memories accessible so that you never forget those important moments.

subscription packages start at $1450 - click here for more info

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