In-Home Maternity | Hailey + Brad

She sits in the rocker, cradling her baby through her skin as he kicks her from inside. Rocking back and forth, looking at his name on the wall, imagining what color his hair will be and whose nose he’ll have. Seeing the knotted gowns and personalized onesies hung delicately by the changing pad. Marveling in the fact that it won’t be long before he’s wearing them. There’s such a quiet peace to relaxing in your nursery before baby arrives. It increases the excitement and anticipation, it calms the nerves, and it’s like a mental bonding with baby and the you that you are about to become.

My absolute favorite place to take maternity photos is in-home, because this is the space you are preparing. This is the space where your emotions live. And this is the space where you will truly get to see a before and after of who you were and who you became.


In My Experience…


It took until my third child for me to get to set up a real nursery. We lived in a one bedroom apartment when Parker was born, Beckett’s crib got set up in my office / a room being used to store boxes, and finally we brought Finley home to a room set up just for her. Having that space fully dedicated to your new baby (even if they don’t use it for a few months after they are born), allows you to truly relax and prepare. You get to see the outfits. The changing station is fully stocked and organized. The toys are displayed and arranged with care. You can walk in and actually visualize caring for your baby. After preparing for so long, you have a space where you can sit and soak in the anticipation.

This is a space you need photos in. This is a mindset that you can feel through photographs. These are memories that will be hard to bring back once your little one is here. I encourage you, take the time for in-home maternity photos. Go outside after, but cherish the space you are preparing.




What’s Next?


Sweet Callahan made his arrival earlier this month and I am so excited to meet him soon for the Coopers’ newborn session. Keep following along here and on Instagram so you don’t miss a thing!



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