Fayetteville Engagement Session | Morgan + Zach

The ease in which Morgan and Zach interact with each other is truly something special. They met with me at Wilson Park in Fayetteville for their engagement session and it was immediately obvious to me how comfortable they are together.

When you find that person you can be fully yourself with, it is only natural that you choose to remain close to them. Morgan and Zach were up for any ideas and prompts that I threw their way. They snuggled on a bench, danced in public, gave piggy-back rides, frolicked in an open field, and simply enjoyed each other’s company. They were fully present with each other and didn’t complain once about me asking them to be silly or affectionate in public.

If you want the most out of your engagement photos, or any photo session really, be like Morgan and Zach. Be unapologetically yourselves. In ten years, these photos will represent memories. Memories of who you used to be, so that you can appreciate who you’ve grown to be. Ask me how I know. Cory and I embodied the “embrace your true selves” for our own engagement photos. Do I think they are absolutely silly? YES. But so were we. We did the “nicer” outfit portion, but we also changed into Batman and Robin t-shirts because THAT’S WHO WE WERE. Partners in crime (and justice), and we wore those outfits to ultimate frisbee every week as a sign that we must always be picked for the same team. (These photos will surface at some point, I promise.)

Do we still have those outfits? Totally. Do we still wear them? No. But the nostalgia the photos give for who we were makes me proud of who we have grown to be. Still partners in crime and justice, but with a bit more class and maturity.

If you’re going to take engagement photos, make them real. Take them to remember who you actually are, not for someone else. Thank you Morgan and Zach, for reminding me what it’s like to just be joyous together.



I am so excited for Morgan and Zach’s wedding this April at The Reserve at Osage House. Keep following along to see photos from their big day!

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