Magical Disney Engagement Photos

Imagine this: you’re speed walking through Epcot trying to get in line to meet Aurora before the rest of the crowds line up when you pass by familiar faces. Like stop you in your tracks, can’t believe I just ran into you here, Disney magic is REAL. Ok, ok, it’s not quite THAT dramatic since we purposefully planned our trip for when Amber and Danny would be at Disney, too. But we hadn’t planned to meet up until the next morning. Seeing them randomly in a park was a highlight I was not expecting and just added to the joy of the whole trip. We ended up running into them a few more times that day as they, along with Amber’s parents, graciously agreed to watch our three hooligans so that Cory and I could ride the new Guardians ride. Talk about making someone’s trip – Cory hasn’t stopped randomly bringing up the ride and his desires to go back since.

I’m not sure that I have ever connected so quickly with a couple during their wedding consultation. The amount of things we had in common – from frequent visits to Des Moines to them attending the same church I was raised in (even though neither of them are from here or even live in town) to our plans to visit Disney in September – just blew us all away and we walked away saying “God wanted us to meet.” I went home and told Cory “it’s official. We are going to Disney in September. God gave me confirmation.” And we began planning and prepping immediately. *Shoutout to The Magical Mommy for all of her help with our trip. I will sing her praises forever for her tips, organization, and hard work behind the scenes for us.*

Orlando, Florida is definitely the farthest I have travelled to take engagement photos for an NWA couple. The way the plans lined up and worked out just left me awed and overjoyed. First we took some truly magical Disney engagement photos at the Riviera Resort. Check out those gorgeous Tangled and Peter Pan murals! Then we bussed over to Magic Kingdom to have a special moment with the castle.



I’m just saying, if you’re going to take engagement photos, take a note out of Amber and Danny’s book and make them YOU. I cannot imagine a more perfect location for this Disney loving couple. Their wedding at The Stone Chapel in April is going to be a true embodiment of love, laughter, and happily ever after!

One of these days I’ll get around to blogging our own photos from Disney World. Keep checking back to see the magic and wonder our kids (and us) experienced!


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