Chapel On The Creeks Winter Wedding

He was led into the bridal suite of Chapel On The Creeks with his eyes closed. His daughter waited patiently inside. He quickly adjusted his tie in the mirror before allowing himself to steal a glance over his shoulder. She stood behind him in the mirror radiating. A smile beamed across his face. “You look enchanting.”

When I say I melted like the snow outside, I mean it. In five seconds, Rachel’s dad solidified all of his teachings on how a man should treat his wife. He should cherish and adore her, respect and honor her, lead and protect her. It was so clear after spending any amount of time with Rachel and Sam that Sam was raised to be exactly that type of man. Sam’s eyes light up when he sees Rachel and her face mirrors the sentiment. They are better together and they push each other to be better themselves. They believe in each other’s strengths, support each other in their weaknesses, and challenge each other in their faith. I have no doubt that they will build a home and a life that encourages others and shows the love of Jesus.

Sam and Rachel, thank you. Thank you for being a light and a beautiful example of how to treat others. You took the time to thank every guest individually for coming and celebrating with you. You honored your parents and your spiritual leaders who have molded and guided you. May your marriage be filled with the same joy and laughter that your wedding day was.



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