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Is there anything that passes faster than your baby’s first year of life? The days are long but the years are short, right? And the years don’t come back. Our itty bitty babies transform before our eyes, one day at a time, until they are no longer itty bitty but fill our hearts just the same. The point of family photography is capturing our families exactly as they are now so that we can remember these moments forever.

Kelly and Chris decided to utilize my subscription package to preserve those memories of their baby’s first year. Six sessions of photos filled with memories of a time that was cherished but that can never be recreated. We captured Kelly’s maternity, Jacob as a newborn, the whole family together in snuggly newborn goodness, Jacob’s first fall, his first Christmas, and his first birthday. Then at the end of their subscription, the Evans Family received a beautiful heirloom photo book filled with their memories of Jacob’s first year. Holding those photos in their hands and being able to flip through and watch him grow again has a special way of bringing those memories back to life.

Winter Maternity

Kelly and Chris’s first session of their subscription was dedicated to their maternity photos. Pregnancy is a beautiful and challenging stage, but it passes and can fade into a distant memory. Personally, I believe that maternity photos can be empowering when you look back at them and realize what your body went through to bring new life into the world.

Our first hour-long session happened to fall in the middle of winter, but Kelly and Chris braved the chilly air and trusted my vision in the field.


In-Home Newborn

Session #2 was Jacob’s in-home newborn photos. We got these shortly after he was born, and spent the whole session dedicated to just him. The newborn phase passes so quickly and we wanted to be sure to capture Jacob before his features started changing. Rather than pushing Kelly to be in photos before she felt physically ready, we were able to focus on just Jacob and we scheduled a family session for later in the month.


In-Home Family Newborn

Session #3 was dedicated to in-home newborn family photography. This was our second hour-long session. We already had the photos of Jacob alone, but this session was full of all the snuggles and lovin’s that come with newborn life. Kelly and Chris loved on Jacob in the areas of their home that they spent the most time with him in – their bed and the nursery. Rooms that held real memories experiences to tie the photos back to.


Sitter Session / Fall Family

Session #4 was our “sitter” session and since it was the fall, Jacob’s first Halloween costume made an appearance! I love visiting McGarrah Farms every year and it created the perfect fall feel for our session.



Session #5 was used for Jacob’s first Christmas. We got “traditional” Christmas card photos and then walked around Wonderland Tree Farm to find the perfect Christmas tree for their home. Jacob may not remember his dad cutting down his first Christmas tree, but it is an experience that his parents can treasure forever.


First Birthday

Our last session was to celebrate Jacob’s first birthday. We got family photos, individuals, a cake smash, and then more snuggles all in 30 minutes!

The Cutie



The Cake Smash


The After



My subscription service was created with your baby’s first year in mind, but it can be utilized in so many ways. Capture your kids at exactly whatever stage they are in and use your sessions to create real memories – ride bikes, play games, bake cookies, etc. Let your high school senior choose sessions that include their best friends, their favorite activities, and their family time – memories and people they may want to revisit during their next stage in life. The possibilities really are endless and I am here to walk you through any and all options.

Interested in learning more about my subscription service or signing up yourself? Inquire here!