Memorable Family Photos – Weese Family

They held hands as they walked down the path. Much like they did in parking lots and grocery stores when the kids were smaller. Mom and dad took turns telling each kid what they loved about them. Speaking life into their children and making those little eyes light up. They played tag and didn’t care if the bottom of their dresses got dirty. The kids ran circles around mom and dad. Most of all, they took time to just be a family without obligations or responsibilities getting in the way. These are what create truly memorable family photos.

I met Robin shortly after Cory and I moved to Alabama. She was a light and an encourager during our transition. She gave me tips and opportunities when building my photography business, and she gave me advice and support in my journey into motherhood. Robin was, and still is, the type of friend and mother and wife that I look up to. It’s been over four years since we left Alabama but we keep in touch and meet up every time we make it back into town. During our last trip to Alabama in September I knew I wanted to 1) capture the joy and love that this family shares and 2) have my own family captured by someone who understands the season of chaos that we are in.

I am happy to report that neither session disappoints in the least. These family photos are full of connection, compassion, joy, chaos, tenderness, fun, and everything else that this season of life truly is. Thank you, Weese family, for being YOU – and for allowing us to be ourselves as well.



Check back in because photos from our own session with Robin will be up on the blog soon!

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