Gorgeous Fall Wedding – Osage House

Choosing to get married during the fall in Arkansas means gorgeous fall colors every direction you look, but it also means planning around the Razorback football schedule and hoping that game time doesn’t interfere with ceremony time. For Whitney and Brett, it meant watching a thrilling match up between Arkansas and Ole Miss with their favorite people while they prepped for the best day of their lives at Osage House.

When we arrived, the fourth quarter was under way and the girls and guys were glued to the tv screen. Knowing Brett and Whitney’s love for the Razorbacks – having the game time excitement was the perfect way for us to begin our day.

The Razorback’s might not have won, but I think the risk they took is pretty symbolic for a wedding day. Sometimes in life you run into the situation where you can play it safe and do what everyone else did, or you can choose to really go for it and know that you’ll either win or lose. The right answer will always depend on the situation at hand, but I don’t think you’ll ever regret going for it. And that’s what a wedding is – going for it all, knowing that its going to be hard and there will be days where you really have to fight for it; but also knowing that it’s worth every ounce of effort even if some days you don’t feel like you won. As long as you keep fighting for it, that’s a win in my book.

I think I digressed a bit.

The Details

From start to finish, this day was full of fun, laughter, and servitude. Bridesmaids and groomsmen were happy to pitch in wherever they were needed. They helped to decorate the reception space, they fetched and carried things when I needed them, they were just happy to be of use and to be there for Whitney and Brett.

Whitney and her mom did an amazing job at planning and executing the decor and the florals. I will never cease to be amazed at what those two can do together.

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is that transition between getting the dress and suit on to the first look. The anticipation starts to really build once the attire is on and the emotions really start to hit. Luckily Whitney and Brett didn’t have to wait long between getting dressed and seeing each other.

The Prep

The Ceremony

Now I know you’ve heard of a flower girl, and maybe you’ve even seen the trend of a flower grandma or flower man – but none have nailed it quite like Carson did. Check it out on Travis Sherman Film’s instagram here! And Brett and Whitney’s pastor did an AMAZING job of entertaining, encouraging, and challenging everyone in the room. He put forth the idea that we pray a wedding day, in all of it’s beauty and joy, is the worst day in a couple’s marriage. That it can only get even better from there. Can you imagine? I love this idea and will carry it with me into every wedding from here on out.

Sam with Banks Entertainment really knows how to make it a party – highly highly recommend. Brett’s sister ICEd him from under Whitney’s dress during the garter toss, the giant glow sticks added some fun lighting and dynamic to the dance floor, and the couple had a lone dance while their guests lined up outside to prepare for the exit. And then the day came full circle when Whitney and Brett called the Hogs on their way back through the sparkler line.

10/10 recommend marrying your best friend.


Ceremony/Reception Venue – Osage House

Photographer – Shipman Photography

Videographer – Travis Sherman Films

DJ/Sound – Sam with Banks Entertainment

Dress & Suit – She Said Yes

Caterer – On The Border

Bakery – Rick’s Bakery

Makeup – Samantha Carr

Hair – Sandra Brodie