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Bentonville Engagement | Katie & Michael | The Momentary

Katie and Michael’s engagement session in Downtown Bentonville exactly portrays why no two engagements sessions will ever look alike. No matter if the setting is the same, the “poses” are the same, heck even the outfits could be the same. As long as the couple is different, the photos will be undeniably different. My biggest goal with every photo I take is to portray the people in the photo exactly as they are. Their relationship, their personalities, their quirks, their love.

Sure, I’ve photographed at some of these locations before, but never have I had the chance to photograph¬†them in these places and the results speak for themselves. From the start Michael was encouraged by myself and Katie to be his goofy self and it allowed Katie to fall right into rhythm with him because they were being exactly who they are together.

The Momentary

Downtown Bentonville

The Momentary Part 2


To say that I am excited for their November wedding at Osage House is a complete understatement. Their families will both be traveling in and I look forward to meeting the people who helped encourage these two to follow their dreams and each other. Seeing Katie and Michael officially become united will definitely be something to celebrate!


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