Rachel & Tobias’s Icy Engagement at Tanyard Creek | Bella Vista, Arkansas

The winter isn’t most people’s first thought when they are picking a time for their engagement photos. But the winter can hold some magic that other seasons just can’t touch. From the neutral palette of nature that doesn’t distract or compete for a photo’s attention, to the solitude of your surroundings as most people aren’t out and about. And then sometimes nature throws you an extra piece of beauty in the form of snow, or in this case icicles.

When Rachel and Tobias told me they wanted to go to Tanyard Creek, my mind started running through my more standard spots and what I could do to make this session different from those I’ve done there in the past. Well they really made this session their own and took me a direction I had never been before, but that they frequent often. It was so fun getting to explore a new part of Tanyard, but it was made even more fun by getting to experience it as such an integral part of Rachel & Tobias’s relationship. They told me about how they take family walks when the weather is nice and how there’s usually waterfalls throughout the walk. The weather had warmed up from the previous week’s snow so we thought there may be some water flowing, but when we turned on the path and saw icicles instead we were all surprised and excited.

We know an Arkansas winter can throw curveballs at every turn. It can be 70 degrees and snowing in the same week. But Arkansas’s natural beauty isn’t dampened by the leafless trees and cooler air. That’s just where the beauty evolves and extra magic is found.

I am so excited to see this family officially come together in April. A sweet union that they have looked forward to for years so that they could share in their joy safely with their families. It’ll be a beautiful wedding at Cooper Memorial Chapel and I am already squealing internally at the idea of getting to capture their love again.